Meet our Measure Makers! - Measure: a fabric parlor

Meet our Measure Makers!

Hey Y’all - we tried something new and it has been AWESOME. Measure now has Ambassadors - or as we like to call them - Measure Makers! We’ve found ...

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Our Newest Measure Makers! - Measure: a fabric parlor

Our Newest Measure Makers!

We have a whole new group of Measure Makers to share with y’all! In case you didn’t know, a Measure Maker is a sewing blogger who we team up with ...

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Rayon: The Love of my Life - Measure: a fabric parlor

Rayon: The Love of my Life

Rayon, aka poor man’s silk, aka my favorite fabric. It’s technically synthetic, but it doesn’t act like it. It dyes like a natural fiber. Drapes ...

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Measure's Gift Guide - Measure: a fabric parlor

Measure's Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again…and this year we’re prepared! We’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorite gifts for you to give to everyone on your...

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DIY Toddler Tassel Moccasins - Measure: a fabric parlor

DIY Toddler Tassel Moccasins

It's happening. At my ripe old age of 23, people I know are getting pregnant and having babies. And that means people are having baby showers. Don'...

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Textiles 101 - Measure: a fabric parlor

Textiles 101

A question I get weekly at work is "do you have any satins?". My response is always "Yes, what kind of satin are you looking for?" and 9/10 times t...

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Sewer's Toolbox - Measure: a fabric parlor

Sewer's Toolbox

  1. Dura Snips 2. Pattern Paper 3. Tote Bag 4. Ghinger Shears 5. Stork Scissors 6. Chalk Liner 7. Magnetic Pincushion with Ball Head Pins 8. See ...

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Leather - Measure: a fabric parlor


It’s intimidating, I get it. It was once alive. It is considered luxurious. Once you sew on it, the holes are permanent. Plus, how do you really ev...

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