Measure Makers

Alexis Wright


Hi there, It’s Alexis Wright from sunny SoCal! I am a wife, mom and sewist. When I am not sewing or running around with my kids, you will also find me often in my garden trying not to overthink what I am overthinking about. I started sewing about 18 yrs. ago when I opened my Etsy shop, My Sweet Sunshine, making and selling baby clothes. Then in 2015, I started creating children’s patterns with Violette Field Threads. After about 4 years I decided to step back and took some time off to be with my family. During that time, I started sewing more and more for myself. There are still plenty of moments, when I finish a garment, that I can’t believe I made it. It’s such a cool feeling! I currently work with Chalk & Notch helping behind the scenes and I absolutely love it! I do love sewing but I love creating and designing even more! You will find me at @myysweetsunshine on Instagram where I share all my makes!

Amy Perenchio


Hello, I'm Amy Perenchio! I live in the Pacific Northwest and learned to sew when I was young from my mum and grandmothers. It's always been something I've loved to do, and the act of sitting down at my machine helps me feel connected to my family. Now, because of the pandemic, I've rediscovered my love for it and am working to sew a new handmade wardrobe. I'm an architect by day and approach each sewing project like a design problem. With every garment, my process always starts with the fabric as inspiration. I am drawn to different fabrics for their quality - colors, texture, heft, and drape - and I let it lead me to the shape they should become. I design and draft my own patterns for most of the clothes I make and love learning new things!.

Katelyn Hanson


Hi there! My name is Katelyn and my pronouns are she/her. By day, I'm a mom, a hairstylist, and an Administrative Assistant at an accounting firm. By night, I'm a sewist, knitter, crocheter, yarn dyer, and all-around chaotic crafter who loves to try all the things! I got familiar with my true love, garment sewing, back in 2019 and have never looked back! I didn't have the benefit of any childhood sewing lessons but desperately wanted to learn so I utilized Instagram, YouTube, podcasts, and glorious indie sewing patterns to make my very first wearable garments when I was 29 years old. This whole experience reinforced my belief that it is never too late to learn and it can be so much fun to try something new! Sewing has helped me express my personal style, be loving and kind towards my body, and have introduced me to a warm, welcoming RAD community. You can find me on Instagram @somestitches sharing makes, OOTD's, and making myself laugh. I'm so happy to be here and happy you are too!

D'Arcy Guichon


Hi there! My name is D’Arcy Guichon (@darcyguichon)! I was born in France and grew up near the French border with Switzerland. At age 16, I moved to the United States; I am now 21 years old, and I currently attend SCAD (the Savannah College of Arts and Design) where I study Fashion Design. I began teaching myself to sew in early 2018. Though I had always had an appreciation for fashion, styling, and modeling, I had never imagined myself as a designer until then. Having time on my hands and a sewing machine at home, I started to experiment. I discovered a true passion that kept me up all night and brought me much joy. Ever since I started, I have not stopped. I established my label, D’Arcy Ambroise (@darcyambroise), in September 2018 as the natural next step in my career. My brand draws inspiration from urban influences, with a touch of sophistication. Every garment is intended to offer an original experience. Whether in fabric choices or fit, the label strives to push the boundaries of modern minimalism. I create garments that channel my innovative outlook and European roots. Experimenting by embracing unique shapes and silhouettes is what I love doing.

Cass Hausserman


Hi! I’m Cass and I have always been crafty, and I have always sewn, but it was only a few years ago that I really started sewing and using patterns.  Prior to that, I had made lots of pillowcases, curtains, duvet covers, and upcycled projects, but I had never used a pattern.  Then a few years ago, I got my first PDF pattern for children’s leggings when my son was about six months old.  I was surprised that it was so much easier to follow a pattern than to just make something up!  Soon after that, I upgraded sewing machines, turned my office into an ‘atelier’, and I now sew every day! I have gained so much confidence in my sewing and I love hacking or altering patterns just a bit. I also love dreaming up patterns and fabric pairings! I am a full-time accounting professor and have a four-year-old son and a husband, and I also love sewing for both of them!

Marcia Spencer


Hi! My name is Marcia Spencer! I am a wife, and mother of three. I learned the basics of sewing from my mother at a very young age and along the way, I learned the hard stuff on my own. I love fashion and dabbling in some of the newest trends but I am an undeniable fan of 70's styles and silhouettes. As a 6 ft tall curvier woman, retail shopping can be quite challenging so creating some of my favorite designer garments and cultivating my own wardrobe has been quite rewarding. I love to design my own looks and share my makes and style with others in hopes to spark inspiration. Sewing has opened so many doors for me over the years and has been a rewarding outlet for me creatively and I hope to continue to grow in my vocation and share with others. You can find my looks on Instagram @keechiibstyle or blogging about it at www.keechiibags.com.

Meg Fleshman


Meg is the maker behind MEGMADE Sewing. Having sewn since childhood, Meg now creates handmades as a way to stay connected to who she is as an artist while knee-deep in motherhood. She has a degree in fine arts and has long loved oil painting, however, she now primarily enjoys color and texture through textiles and sewing. Never able to resist a creative endeavor, Meg also dabbles in various hobbies in addition to sewings, like embroidery, knitting, and macrame.

Never in one place for too long, she and her family of five currently call the Washington, DC area home. You can catch her latest makes on Instagram at @megmadesewing or blogging about it at www.megmadesewing.com.

Andrea Jones


Hi there, my name is Andrea Jones! I’m in the sweet spot, enjoying life with three teenagers and my husband in sunny North Carolina. My heart might break a little when my daughter leaves for college next year.

My mother taught me how to make my first garment when I was just 11 years old and I’ve been sewing ever since. I was the girl who made all of her prom and homecoming gowns in high school! I refined my skills in college when I took a flat-patterning class, a fabric dying class and took a job managing the tailoring department on campus. I’ve worked with military, bridal, uniforms, men’s suits, custom patterns and bespoke sewing projects, as well as designing sample dresses for manufacture at a boutique clothing company. I ultimately love to teach and now Instagram makes it possible to teach and connect with so many people in exciting ways.  In all my years of sewing, I truly believe that there has never been a better time to sew than now. There is so much more access to help and instruction! There are more gorgeous fabrics available, including deadstock fabrics we can save from the landfills. We also have far more stylish and high-quality patterns available from many talented indie patternmakers. Now is the time to sew, or to learn how! I hope to continue to inspire others and to teach and make sewing less intimidating for anyone at any sewing level. Follow me and my makes at @andrea_djones



My name is Gyasti and I’m an Indonesian sewist currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. I started sewing in 2018 and my focus is garment making. I began sewing to get rid of my fast-fashion buying habit and to have more control of how clothes fit me since I’m a petite person. I gravitate heavily towards clean style lines and minimal style when it comes to sewing. Alongside my blog, I also document my makes & outfit combinations on my Instagram account at @gyasti. It’s been a wonderful sewing journey for me so far and I hope you can tag along for the ride!

Danica Lapid


Hello everyone! I started garment sewing in 2017 but have been passionate about crafting and creating for as long as I can remember! I particularly love how you can create one-of-a-kind garments that no one else in the world will have! My favorite garments to sew are jumpsuits and dresses, and I'm definitely more drawn to bright colors and fun prints. When not sewing, I work as a physician full-time, and I also love cooking, traveling, binge-watching Netflix shows

Victoria Smith


Hello! My name is Victoria Smith! I am a blogger, mother of 3, doctor, wife, traveler, and lover of the arts in no particular order! I live in Northern Alabama and love to travel with the family, especially to Europe and Canada!

I started sewing about 2 1/2 years ago for my daughter and then proceeded to make something for myself. I was hooked! Over the years, fabric quality and movement have become super important to me as well as incorporating colors that blend well into my wardrobe. Taking great photographs with the help of my husband has been a continuing goal of mine! I am starting to transition into sewing capsule wardrobes for the trips I take or just dressing like how I want to feel. My pictures I hope portray that and give you a sense of what I was going for. I want people to feel something when they see how the fabric has transformed into something creative. I am very specific about pairing fabric with the right pattern and I think it is the most important step! I also try to appreciate and use the qualities of the fabric to my advantage. The styling of the garment is the next best part!! I love mixing and matching my makes!! I love the art you can create with sewing!

Alexis Bailey


My name is Alexis Bailey and I am a fabric conscious sewist who loves working with natural fibers. I learned to sew when I was 9 from my aunt who used to work as a tailor and continued to use the skill on and off until my early 20s. When I got married retail clothing stopped fitting me right and I realized the only way I was going to stop wasting money on I’ll fitting fashion and get good quality clothing was to make my own. Now I write about my favorite fabrics, patterns, and other life experiences on my blog as I build my unique, comfortable but fierce wardrobe while my husband snaps pics of it all on the side.

Angie Hook


Hello! My name is Angie Hook and I am an artist and sewist. As a young L.A. native growing up in the city I discovered my love of drawing and creating. I briefly studied art in college before becoming a hairstylist, which has continued to be my career for 15 years. I am also an avid knitter, crocheter, and DIY-er.

In my teens my mother gave me my first sewing machine which I used sporadically until about 5 years ago when I made a tiny pair of jeans for my little boy. I thought, “if I can make these little jeans, I can make anything!” Sewing has helped put me back in touch with my creativity since beginning the all-encompassing journey of motherhood. Now an important act of self-care, sewing hasn’t ceased to sustain my creative interest as I continue to refine this amazing craft while mindfully cultivating a wardrobe I am so proud of.

Warlene Rene


I’m Warlene René mother of 4 and been sewing since I was a teenager. I have always been around fashion and style in some way. My father was a tailor and grandmother and aunts seamstresses. I studied fashion and design after high school and majored in fashion design. There I discovered my favorite way of creating, which is draping. After schooling I worked at a bridal salon for 10 years where I learned so much about couture techniques and got a better understanding of patterns as I worked in their alterations department. I left in 2017 to open up my own side business doing gown alterations which is still going. When I’m have down time I drape pieces for myself and create patterns. I’m so happy to be amongst the measure makers team!

Katie Kortman


I am Katie Kortman - the sewing, dancing queen of Instagram (self-proclaimed). I love to make bright, colorful clothes that make my heart sing and my legs leap for joy. When I'm done making something awesome it makes me want to dance and  I usually make a fun dance video to a accompany my new makes!  
I have a background in art (I got my undergrad in drawing and painting), so I also like to incorporate that into my handmade wardrobe as well.  If you're interested in seeing how my love of sewing, dancing and painting come together, then head to www.katiekortman.com or instagram.com/katiekortmanart. I guarantee it will make you smile.

Holly Darling


Holly Darling is a sewist with a love for creating stylish and modern garments for herself and her daughter, Penelope. She originally began sewing very young, when her grandma taught her to use a sewing machine to create small drawstring bags and purses. She got a duel degree in Fashion And Textile Technology and Apparel Design from Buffalo State and FIT. One of the craziest and most amazing experiences she has had in the industry is interning in the textile and color departments at the Diane von Furstenberg design studio in NYC. Today, she creates sewing tutorials, runs a small shop for baby and toddler clothing /accessories, and obsesses over making the perfect Mommy and Me matching outfits! Find Holly on Instagram at @hollydollydarling, and being a blogger at hollydollydarling.com

Sylvia Nettey


I am a self-taught sewing enthusiast and blogger, obsessed with adding fun twists to classic pieces, and a sucker for bright colors. Sewing initially became a creative outlet during my ‘job search’ period after graduating university about 5 years ago. I learned to sew through DIY blogs and YouTube videos and I haven’t stopped since! I am currently building my unique wardrobe by unraveling my ideas and stitching them together, one seam at a time. When I am not sewing, I am exploring the island I currently live on (hiking, swimming, crab hunting, etc). You are welcome to join me on my sewing journey on instagram @theravelout and a blogger at www.theravelout.com .

Cristy Stuhldreher


Cristy Stuhldreher of Love You Sew is an avid sewist and blogger. She learned how to sew back in 6th grade home economics, but really picked up the hobby about 8 years ago. Since then, sewing has become part of her complete lifestyle and business. Cristy enjoys incorporating handmade into her everyday, so there’s always plenty of projects around garments, bags, quilts, and special presents for her nieces and nephew. She is married to her husband of 9 years with two sons. I’m also a blogger at http://www.iloveyousew.com/blog/

Trish McLaughlin


Trish is the petite blogger and maker behind Trish Stitched. Trish is a self taught seamstress who started sewing to build a handmade wardrobe to custom fit her 4’9″ figure. Along the way, Trish started designing and making handbags in fun, one of a kind prints, which are sold on etsy and through wholesale. Trish loves floral prints and bright, bold colors, and believes you should always be surrounded by colors that make you happy.  Trish also loves refashioning and teaching others to see the potential in unloved apparel to create something new. You can find Trish around the web at trishstitched.com, where I am a blogger and on instagram @trishstitched, and on pinterest and youtube.

Sara Johansen


Sara is the creative mind behind The Sara Project, a blog all about apparel sewing! She studied clothing construction while in college at Brigham Young University, and soon after started The Sara Project. Sara is a mother of three little ones, so most of her sewing happens during nap time, or late into the night. For Sara, sewing and being a blogger is a way to unwind from the crazy that is motherhood (at times). It’s also a place for her to learn and create the wardrobe of her dreams. She really enjoys finding fashion inspiration, and interpreting it for home sewing, recreating these items for herself. She loves going for those statement pieces.You can find Sara on Instagram @thesaraproject_ and her blog, thesaraproject.com.

Brittany Jones


Brittany Jones is the self-taught DIY sewing blogger and video creator behind www.brittanyjjones.com. Being a military spouse and mom of 4, Brittany found herself in need of an outlet and new wardrobe. Knowing the basics of sewing from her youth and seeing all the inspiration online from the sewing community, she bought her first sewing machine in 2014.

With the help of books, tutorials, and online classes, she now sews 2-3 garments a week, filling her closet with her own handmade garments. Knowing how much visual learning helped her when she started sewing, Brittany created a YouTube Channel to help makers of all levels walk step-by-step to constructing and completing popular commercial patterns.

Since the launch for her sewing blog and YouTube channel in 2016. Brittany has worked with amazing brands like, McCall’s and Simplicity Pattern Company, Husqvarna Viking, been a contributing editor for SewSewDef Magazine and featured in Vogue Pattern Magazine Oct/Nov Issue 2016.

Native of Columbus, Georgia, Brittany starts everyday with her “me time” of prayer and bible studying. When she’s not sewing she loves fishing with her husband, watching children movies, and fabric shopping! Brittany currently resides in California.

Allie Jackson


Allie is a millennial maker building a fresh, feminine wardrobe. She loves using a mix of vintage and modern patterns to find a wearable blend of retro, preppy, and classic styles.  By day a children’s librarian, she spends evenings reading, playing with her dog Wooster, or whipping up a new dress. Find her at alliemjackson.com blogging or on instagram and twitter at @helloalliej.