Pre-Made Textiles Course Bundles - 1 Bag


Only 10 pieces in stock!

Want to learn a little bit about textiles?

Have a textiles project for school, or just interested in basic fabric knowledge?

We have the thing for you!

Our textile baggies range in fiber content and swatch total. They contain swatches that are slightly larger than 4'' x 4''.  Once purchased, you will receive a link in your email that takes you to an album containing images of every swatch in your bundle. These swatches are not sold separately, and we do not swap out swatches. These swatches do not represent current stock and are not available in yardage. 


*** To receive the google drive links, you must use a google email address. No school or educational emails. 

 Please be aware each bag has a different price and fiber content. 

  • These pre-made bags are sold as-is. 
  • These bundles are pre-made, and you can not choose what swatches you would like. 
  • Please select the type of bag (fiber content) from the drop-down menu.




Product Code: Bundle

All sales final.

All sales final.

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