We aren’t your typical fabric store, and we don’t want to be! Measure is a boutique style fabric shop. Our brand has been developed as an answer to the sterile and unoriginal products and environments offered by typical fabric stores. You will find our shop clean and organized, you can take your time at the cutting table, and you will find one of a kind unique items. We want our customers to feel comfortable and at home when they are with us; we promise our products and space will inspire and mesmerize you. We are happy to welcome each customer into our quaint, comfortable, creative, and spirited space. It’s a joy for us to work here and we hope it will be a joy for you to shop with us.

Our inventory is driven by our customers’ needs. Opening our doors in Fall of 2011 with limited inventory allowed us to take the time in developing our curated collection. We wanted to meet and learn from our customers prior to fully stocking our shelves. Since then, our assortment has grown to include leather, upholstery, crafting, quilting and hardware because that’s what our customers have asked for. We are constantly looking for new and original products and our buying strategy allows us to bring in a variety of new inventory every 3-4 months. Because we offer our customers a one-of-a-kind selection the products aren’t available in large quantities, this means the products move off the shelf fast. Thankfully this makes more room for new fresh inventory; while keeping our items limited editions.

When our customers need that special something, when they want to make a statement, or when they need help making the right choice, they confidently step into our shop. We are located in the heart of Savannah, Georgia in the Design District on Whitaker Street. We serve students, tourists, and locals. We could be working with a senior fashion student who’s designing their Senior Collection at one moment, and at the next moment we could be helping a local fisherman choose the most durable leather for their latest repair project. Individual attention is the core of our customer service; it’s crucial to us matching each customer’s needs with the perfect product. We thrive to remember our customers’ names and we know their individual aesthetic. Our team is always available to provide personalized help so you find exactly what you want; we pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to our shoppers.

We were built from the ground up with the help of family, friends, and colleagues. Our owner is a proud SCAD graduate and is committed to employing, promoting, and encouraging the SCAD community to the very best we can. Its important to us that we use sustainable building materials and employ local small businesses whenever possible. We fully support our community in any way we can.