Leather Remnant Bundle Surprise


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Need just a little leather for those odd and end projects? Perhaps some earrings, a zipper pull end, a sofa patch, a pocket? We've got just the thing for you. 

After selling our 12" x 12" leather pieces, we are left with outer hide rimmed pieces. These pieces are NOT perfectly angular; they are not squares or rectangles. They range in various shapes but usually have one straight edge. We sell these pieces as leather remnants. They are mainly cow and calf hides that finishes range from metallic to embossed, to natural tanned, glazed, pebbled, patent, or nubuck. Always high-quality leather. We are offering bundles of these remnants measured for accuracy. The Bundles will be a mixture of styles and shapes. NO TWO Bundles are alike. We do not put specific remnants into the Bundle packs. These Bundles are for those who like surprise packages!

Thickness (mm) : 0.6-1.2 mm, mostly 0.8-0.9 mm

Thickness (oz): 1.5 - 3 oz, mostly 2-2.25 oz

Weight (oz): 3 oz; 7 oz; 16 oz; 33 oz.

Weight (grams): 100 g; 200 g; 450 g; 900 g.

Sizes (sqft/in): pieces range in size from 1inx4in to 3inx12in to 12inx12in per scrap

*Bundle packs are perfect for designers looking for leather for earrings, jewelry, small leather goods, charm applique, and sheets bag making.

*Please note that genuine leather is natural and part of an animal, scars, and imperfections are all part of its character and personality.

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