Matte Glazed Firm Temper Cobalt Cowhide - 1 HIDE


This ELECTRIC and velvety leather is to die for!

This leather has a firm temper but would be great for anything that you want to stand out. It is a dyed through hide, which means the suede side matches the top side. It would be great for tote bags, backpacks, small leather goods, patches, straps, etc.


Designer: Cushnie

Color: Cobalt

Thickness: 3-4 oz

Content: Cowhide

Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only 


  • We can not guarantee an exact color match due to the variances of different screen devices. 


Leather Cowhides:

  • Due to the nature of natural leather, Measure cannot guarantee that any two hides will be the same. Some blemishes occur naturally in the leather, and though we will try our best to work around them, some are unavoidable. We cut our square feet from whole hides. They are cut according to the next available option, and we strive to give the best option to every customer. Please be aware leather is not a perfect square or rectangle. If you need a precise measurement, please advise us before placing your order. 

Product Code: MC771

This fabric is the last cut and no longer in production. Once sold out, we are unable to get more.

All sales final.

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