Laminated Swirl Vinyl - 1/2 Yard


Only 8 pieces in stock!

The beautiful swirled, marble look on this laminated vinyl is just screaming to be made into a one-of-a-kind piece.

The neutral colors and the exciting swirls create the perfect balance for this fabric. This would be brilliant as a handbag lining, home decor projects that need a water-resistant surface, or stool covers! It would make any piece unique piece.

Color: Taupe

Width: 54"

Content: PU

Drape: Voluminous to Stiff

Opacity: Opaque

Skill Level: Intermediate

Washing Instructions: Wash Cold, Hang dry

  • Please note this fabric is not pre-washed. Washing before cutting is recommended. 
  • We can not guarantee an exact color match due to the variances of different screen devices. 

All fabrics sold by the half yard. 

  • Select 1 for .5 yards
  • Select 2 for 1 yard
  • Select 3 for 1.5 yards

Product Code: M387

This fabric is the last cut and no longer in production. Once sold out, we are unable to get more.

Tag your makes with #measurefabric, so we can fawn over them

All sales final.


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