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Mineral Kaleidoscope Cotton Velveteen - 1/2 Yard


This item is sold out; please know, Most of our stock consists entirely of "deadstock fabrics" which are fabrics that come from designer’s sample rooms that were not used in production.⁠
Because of this, they have a LIMITED quantity. Adapting a buy now attitude when it comes to deadstock fabric will leave you happy and smiling at the end of the day. Keep clicking to see some of our other one-of-a-kind items!


Unlike anything we've ever seen at Measure this  Mineral Kaleidoscope Cotton Velveteen is truly a special gem we are drooling over. 


Let this Mineral Kaleidoscope Cotton Velveteen be the focal point of any project. As a smooth, soft cotton velvet, just one touch showcases its supreme quality, texture, and nap. An absolute stunning fabric design custom made in Italy for an NYC designer, a one of a kind pattern, representing a kaleidoscope visual of gems and precious stones. Suitable for several light weight upholstery and drapery applications, use it's structured, yet malleable drape for chairs, pillows, and light use products. The perfect fabric for blazers, trousers, pants, and skirts. 



Color: Rainbow/Black

Width: 55/56''

Content: Cotton

Washing Instructions:  Wash Cold Water and Hang to dry or Dry Clean

  • Please note this fabric is not pre-washed. Washing before cutting is recommended. 
  • We can not guarantee an exact color match due to the variances of different screen devices. 

 All fabrics sold by the half yard. 

  • Select 1 for .5 yards
  • Select 2 for 1 yard
  • Select 3 for 1.5 yards

Product Code: MC747

This fabric is the last cut and no longer in production. Once sold out, we are unable to get more.

All sales final

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