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Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk
Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk

Swiss Dot Chiffon Silk

Product Code:

4.27 Available
.25 = 1/4 yd
.5 = 1/2 yd
.75 = 3/4 yd

Product Description

A beautiful monochromatic motif of embroidered dots along with a background in color a few shades darker spans the entirety of the medium. Her hand mixes perfectly with the light and breezy drape to create an airy medium for elegant favorites. An ever so fine blanket stitch covers the selvaged edges of this dreamy chiffon. Due to its almost entirely sheer composition, a lining is recommended for additional modesty and structure, or for if the piece calls for it.

Our finished garment images will aid in showing you how the fabric can be applied and how it drapes. These garments are not for sale.

Width: 44/45”
Content: Silk
Washing Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Product Code: MC615

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