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Organza Floral Satin Brocade
Organza Floral Satin Brocade Organza Floral Satin Brocade Organza Floral Satin Brocade Organza Floral Satin Brocade Organza Floral Satin Brocade

Organza Floral Satin Brocade

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.25 = 1/4 yd
.5 = 1/2 yd
.75 = 3/4 yd

Product Description

A striking design, turn this couture wonder, our Pink and Lilac Floral Luxury Organza Brocade into looks fit for the runway! It has a soft hand and a slightly scratchy surface. Weighted and full, use its billowy drape and lack of stretch to create overlays on skirts, wrap blouses with long bell sleeves, a kimono-style dress of your dreams, or tailored cocktail dresses with short puff sleeves. Mostly sheer, the flowers do offer slight opacity. A lining is recommended for an opaque look—if desired—and comfort.

Our finished garment images will aid in showing you how the fabric can be applied and how it drapes. These garments are not for sale. This garment was made by @katiekortmanart. Check her out on instagram for more makes!

Width: 55/56”
Content: Polyester/Nylon
Washing Instructions: Dry Clean or handwash

Product Code:MC610

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